What We Do...

One of the most important services Mission Safety International provides is conducting on-site safety surveys (audits) of mission operations and security. Normally, a team of qualified personnel is sent on location and may spend up to three weeks conducting observations, interviews, and participating in the flight activities of a mission. Both verbal and written reports, with recommendations, are made to the mission at the conclusion of the survey.

Safety Seminars are provided in the interest of increasing sensitivity to safety and security issues. These seminars provide an educational opportunity for many organizations to focus on matters of safety in aircraft operation and security for their personnel and facilities.

Another service is providing qualified personnel for assisting in on-site accident investigations, including follow-up reports not only for accident analysis but for accident prevention.

On-going consulting services are provided to those organizations who desire continuing third party exposure to safety and security issues related to their mission.

Newsletters, accident summaries, and other educational materials relating to safety concerns as found in mission operating environments are published on a periodic basis.

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Who We Are...

Mission Safety International is a dedicated group of professionals - pilots, businessmen, educators, and supporters, who are deeply concerned over missionary aviation losses and are committed to assisting missions in matters of safety and security. As an independent third party, Mission Safety International seeks to do this by providing educational and consulting services to missions and related agencies so that these organizations may realize their objectives effectively and efficiently. MSI's goal is to see improvement in mission operational safety through improved strategies for accident prevention, security, and conservation of human and material resources.

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