Safety Certification

The following document was a result of the MSI Safety Summit held in Waxhaw, NC on May 16 and 17, 2005. The representatives of various missionary aviation organizations that were present drafted and voted on the following statements:

MSI Safety Certification

Organizations seeking MSI safety certification agree to the following underlying philosophy of safety:

Whereas God is sovereign, and He has ordered this world under natural and human laws, we affirm the need to implement common standards that allow us to safely serve, with accountability, as good stewards of the aviation ministries God has entrusted to us.

In addition, they agree to have and comply with:

A written Operational Safety Manual that addresses the following issues:

1. Flight crew

2. Maintenance crew (mechanics/engineers and avionics)

3. Other personnel (administrators, flight followers, emergency responders, hangar helpers)

4. Flight operations

5. Maintenance operations

6. Security – a security assessment and appropriate plan are required for each of the following areas:

7. Safety Management Systems

NOTE: Each of these areas must be considered for your operations. You may find that some areas are not applicable to your operation, and if so, a simple statement to that effect is all that should be included in your manual.